summer dyes – part one

There comes a time when autumn asks,
what have you been doing all summer ?

summer dyes 2015 shades of lynx

Dyer’s chamomile – Anthémis des teinturières – BFL
Coreopsis – silk
Tulip tree leaves – tulipier de Virginie feuilles – BFL
Dyer’s broom – Genêt des teinturières – silk
Poppy flowers – pivot fleurs – kidsilk mohair
Eucalyptus – BFL
Goldenrod – solidage – kidsilk mohair

Eucalyptus – silk
Woad – pastel – kidsilk
Goldenrod – solidage – silk
Goldenrod – solidage – BFL lace
Coreopsis – BFL
Queen Anne’s lace – carotte sauvage – kidsilk mohiair
Woad – pastel – BFL lace

Shades were obtained by fermentation
no mordants (except for the Eucalyptus :symplocos)
only lemon juice and/or lye water modifiers


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