twenty five shades

You know what?
There’s something magical about dyeing fibers with plants

fermented shades

25 fermented shades I dyed a few summers ago

no mordants, only lemon juice and/or lye water modifiers

on silk, kidsilk mohair, merino lace

the blues are dyed with woad


3 thoughts on “twenty five shades

    1. marylene

      Thank you ! The purples were first dyed with cochineal and overdyed with woad. This was a few years ago, nowadays I only dye with plants from my garden and the surroundings 🙂 no insects anymore but, you never know, if I would found them in my garden, (which I won’t of course) than yeah maybe. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I understand completely. I only use plants I can find on my walks or that are given to me from other people’s gardens, or kitchen waste, since I don’t garden. I would feel uncomfortable with killing bugs, although I might get over that if they were hurting my garden.

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