Dyeing with madder…

dyeing with madder root - shades of lynx

Madder root: testing, testing, testing…

Rubia tinctorum
Garance des teinturières – Meekrap – La rubia roja – garança – Krapp

dyeing with madder - Rubia tinctorum - shades of lynx

Glorious madder colours, dyed without mordants, fermented, alternating between acidic and alkaline dye vats, first, second and third immersions on wool, silk and cotton.


4 thoughts on “Dyeing with madder…

  1. marylene

    Thanks ! Yes I’m growing madder ibut it takes at least three years to develop the colour and you really need lots and lots of plants! Not so easy! So in the meantime I buy dried madder. But last year I harvested the roots of one plant and I will test the dye soon, soon….


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